How to wear an infinity multiway dress to fit any style

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Multiway bridesmaid dress is popular with brides and bridesmaids.Here are a few ways you can style them for the perfect customized look!


How-to : Sleeves

1 –Place straps over shoulders.

2 –Cross straps in back & wrap around to front

3 –Continue to wrap straps around back again

4 – Bring straps to front once more

5 –Tie straps in a bow or knot & adjust panels to desired width.


How-to : backless

1 –Place straps over shoulders and twist each into a narrow strap.

2 –Continue twisting both straps wrap around shoulder.

3 –Cross straps in front and bring around to back.

4 –Tie at back in bow or knot.

How-to: One shoulder, knot

1 –Place straps over left shoulder.

2 –Tie straps in knot

3 –Bring left strap under arm to front and right strap across back to front.

4 –Bring straps around to back and tie.

5 –Smooth out straps across front.

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