How to write maid of honor speech?8 tricks make you have it easily,little trick bring great effect

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You will pay attention to bride of honor speech if you are a bride.If you need to do a speech on wedding.You really need to know how to give them the best wishes on this special day? What should you prepare for maid of honor speech? What are the best topics and ways of speaking? I will share with you 8 tips on speeches. Your maid of honor speech will be very popular with them.

1. Advance preparation for maid of honor speech

You need to plan for speech after receiving the notification.This is not a time to procrastinate. Make notes of qualities you love about the bride and groom and special moments you’ve shared with them.

2. Speech content

Take full consideration of your audience. Are they nervous, carefree or uninhibited?Please consider all.Pay attention to the elderly relatives at the wedding. Don’t speak uncomfortable things in front of their parents.

3.Don’t forget groom



As a bridesmaid, most of the words you speak are for the bride. Please don’t ignore the bridegroom. You could link them together on your speech for they are the protagonists of the wedding, a couple.

4. Short and sweet

Read your speeches in advance, and not too long. Simplify your speech to two to four minutes. There are other things that need to happen in the spotlight at the wedding.

5. Don’t get drunk

Don’t get drunk. You can relax after your speech.

6.Don’t take yourself too seriously

. If you can do that, the fear and pressure of public speaking will disappear. It’s not easy.

7. Keep humor

maid of honor speech

maid of honor speech

A humorous joke can best relieve everyone’s nervousness. Don’t speak anything that might upset the bride or the best man. If appropriate, use props to make everyone happy. Have a good time!

8.Pay attention to the bridesmaid dress

blush pink and mint green bridesmaid dresses

blush pink and mint green bridesmaid dresses

The bridesmaid will always accompany the bride in the process of the wedding. The main character on the wedding day is the bride. The bridesmaid needs to remain elegant at all times.
Choosing modest bridesmaid dresses becomes the key.
Where could you buy the best bridesmaid dresses ?The bridesmaid dresses online is time-saving and convenient.You can buy the right one in ten minutes.
I recently found a convertible bridesmaid dress. This infinity bridesmaid dress can give bridesmaids different styles. The ordinary bridesmaid dress just have one style.

Multiway bridesmaid dress,bridesmaid dresses cheap

long bridesmaid dresses

long bridesmaid dresses

The straps of the convertible bridesmaid dress is 79″. It have 72 kinds of variety.
Plus size bridesmaid dresses
The straps of the plus size bridesmaid dresses are 98.5″. The fashion sets her figure off to advantage.

Custom color



The bride usually assigns the color of the bridesmaid dress.You can customize Bridesmaid colors for your bridesmaids. I recently discovered that a website can provide customized color services.
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Wedding is the beginning of the happy life of the bride and groom. The bridesmaid and all the guests are witnesses of happy moments. Help the bride pay attention to the perfection of every detail. The newlyweds will be grateful to you for life.


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