Awesome! There are many regal British traditions you can incorporate into your own wedding

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding is just around the corner and we are as excited as ever! For brides sharing their wedding year with the soon-to-be royals, there are many regal British traditions you can incorporate into your own wedding, no matter how American it is. From the type of cake you serve your guests down to the invitations, incorporating these little details into your big day will have you feeling like royalty every step of the way.


One of the biggest things royal weddings are hats. In fact, as the day begins, the focus will be more on the hats women show up in then their actual gowns. You may not want to include hats into your wedding day attire, but what about your bridal shower? Have a tea party and have all your best girls wear an over-the-top-hat the pictures will be priceless! On your actual wedding day, consider a headpiece in lieu of a wide-brimmed cap.

fancy hat

fancy hat


It is traditional for royal weddings to serve fruitcakes instead of the fancy, four-tiered cakes we often see here in America. Meghan and Harry appear to be taking a mixed approach to this. Kensington Palace has announced the royal wedding cake will be “a lemon elder flower concoction incorporating the bright flavors of spring.” It’ll be covered with buttercream, and adorned with fresh flowers.

Take this tradition head-on by asking your venue if they offer this, or pick one up yourself at a local bakery. If fruitcake isn’t your thing, have one as a grooms cake or extra dessert in addition to the traditional wedding cake you’re used to, or pass out mini versions during the dessert course.




Royal weddings can sometimes last a full day (up to 12 hours!) and focus mainly on the meal. The speeches are given traditionally by important groomsmen. If this sounds like your type of wedding, follow suit! Instead of five hours on the dance floor, choose to have a sit-down, formal meal. Ask your loved ones to recite longer-than-average speeches.


Royal weddings do not include their own vows-in fact, it is customary for the bride and groom to recite the traditional vows that have been spoken by every king, queen and so on for centuries. You can find the vows spoken by royals, or similar ones that match your style, and speak them at your wedding, saving the personal vows for later on in private.

traditional vows

traditional vows


Our most beautiful bride is the focus of attention on the whole burgundy themes wedding.However, we should also pay our attention to our bridesmaids.The bridesmaid dresses is a direct reflection of the regal British traditions.

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Black Bridesmaids Dresses,long multiway dress,regal British traditions

Black Bridesmaids Dresses,long multiway dress,regal British traditions

A wedding is a perfect union of a new couple. It is the beginning of a new life.Incorporating all these little details about regal British traditions into your big day will have you feeling like royalty every step of the way.


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