What color is the long Bridesmaid dress? All kinds of bridesmaid dresses perfect your wedding dream

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The bridesmaid is a more beautiful scenery in the wedding. If you are preparing for a grand wedding, you can choose a long bridesmaid dress for your bridesmaid, because the long bridesmaid dresses look very elegant, and it is often more suitable for a formal wedding.

church wedding

After choosing the style of bridesmaid dress, we should also pay attention to the choice of the color of bridesmaid dress. Don’t worry. Look at the introduction of the color of bridesmaid dress below. I believe it will bring you a lot of inspiration.

Light blue

The light blue is a quiet and elegant color, combined with white wedding dress will make the bride look more elegant and quiet, blue bridesmaid dress is very suitable for spring and summer wedding.

light blue long bridesmaid dress

Light grey

The light grey long bridesmaid dress is very generous, its low-key and temperament is very suitable for bridesmaids. Light gray and the bride’s white yarn match very harmoniously.

light grey long bridesmaid dress


Champagne bridesmaid dress is noble and fashionable, lighter than gold, and has a noble momentum, which is quite beautiful. Church weddings and champagne long bridesmaid dresses are the best match.

champagne long bridesmaid dress


Purple is a symbol of nobility and mystery, so the color of bridesmaid dress is also very suitable.

purple long bridesmaid dress


Burgundy is a very feminine color, which not only makes the bridesmaid’s temperament outstanding, but also complements the solemn atmosphere of the wedding. The Bridesmaid in a burgundy dress will bring more romance to your wedding.

burgundy long bridesmaid dress

Navy blue

The Navy blue tone will let the bridesmaids show their intellectual elegance at your wedding, at the same time, they will be able to integrate into various wedding themes more perfectly. Therefore, Navy long bridesmaid dresses are very popular with brides and bridesmaids.

Maybe you will feel that the same bridesmaid dress can not meet the needs of all bridesmaids. Considering the difference of bridesmaid body shape, it is better to choose a variable Bridesmaid dress. Through different wearing methods, we can create our own style.

Infinity bridesmaid dress

It is different to traditional bridesmaids.You can wear infinity bridesmaid dress more than 72 styles. It can easy satisfy your bridesmaids’ styles-uniform style or a different style. Why? Because the long of shoulder strap is 79”.It’s 98.5” for the plus size bridesmaid dresses.Don’t worry about  your big size girls.They are still graceful with this bridesmaid dress.