Top 6 Perfect Bridesmaid Dress Color Ideas for 2019 Trends

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The bridesmaid is the second leading role of the wedding. We need to dress carefully. So what color is the best dress for the bridesmaid?  Here are the color advice for bridesmaid dresses, so let’s get to the point.


In recent years, we have changed the black wedding dress and bridesmaid dress. Wearing black bridesmaid dress not only can set off the beauty of the bride’s white dress, but also the bridesmaids are very beautiful.

black infinity bridesmaid dress


Champagne is a very elegant and generous color, very suitable for women’s temperament. It is lighter than orange, deeper than cream yellow, showing a feeling of romance and love. The champagne bridesmaid dress and the white wedding dress are simple and atmospheric. With the advent of individual weddings and themed weddings, the color of grey, purple and pink is favored by more women.

Champagne infinity bridesmaid dress


Choosing bridesmaid dress is the most important color of dress. Wedding ceremony as a place of visual enjoyment, the bridesmaid should pay attention to the color of the dress and the match of the skin color. The advantage of gray is that it is neutral, and combined with other colors, it can create a perfect grey wedding color combination. Grey bridesmaid dresses are more stable and elegant.

grey infinity dress

Light blue

Light blue is a fresh color, combined with white wedding dress, which will make the bride look more elegant and quiet. The blue bridesmaid dress is perfect for the spring and summer wedding.


Every girl has a pink princess dream in the heart, which is romantic and sweet.The Pink bridesmaid dresses are universally flattering on all skin tones and the preferred reason for a romantic wedding.

pink infinity bridesmaid dress


Purple gives a person the sense of mystery, and purple bridesmaid dresses elegant medium with gentle, do not break romance, can very good foil wedding scene, build more romantic atmosphere.

purple infinity bridesmaid dress

The above is the color of bridesmaid dresses, which is a good choice.


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